Choosing the Right Online Platform: Where to Sell Industrial Spare Parts in the UAE

Industrial Spare Parts

Are you an industrial spare parts supplier searching for an excellent online UAE marketplace to sell used machinery parts on? Do you have a surplus of industrial spare parts and are looking for an online platform where you can cash in on them? We have just the suggestions to point you in the right direction. These marketplaces we’ve compiled today tick all the right boxes in terms of lower commissions, the size of the buyer pool, and ease of sale. Use any of these top online UAE marketplaces for industrial spare parts to get your products sold quickly and for high profits. 

  1. Industbay

Your search for the best platform to sell industrial spare parts ends here. With Industbay, you can enjoy a convenient sales environment that takes care of all the heavy lifting so you can focus on just getting the deal over the line. 

With a large and very active buyer pool, this platform guarantees that you’ll get the part sold no matter the niche. There’s an ample number of buyers across various categories. 

Other reasons to sell industrial spare parts in the UAE online via Industbay include: 

  • A friendly seller process where you can sell your spare parts easily and quickly 
  • The platform faces a shortage of spare parts, so you stand to enjoy high demand for your products 
  • Ability to sell both used and new industrial spare parts. Unlike some platforms that have strict policies on used parts, Industbay allows you to cash in on both

Whether you are a hand tools suppliers in UAE or a CNC milling machine parts distributor, you’ll find Industbay is your perfect fit. 

  1. World Economic Forum (Uplink)

The World Economic Forum brings in an eCommerce-like market that helps you sell surplus machine parts and industrial equipment as well. Its global marketplace provides a mammoth audience that you can sell to. 

Other benefits of using this platform entail:

  • Access to many other types of entrepreneurs beyond the industrial niche. This can improve exposure for your products 
  • The platform has a decent employee rating on Glassdoor, so you’ll be working with a credible and trusted brand 
  • It also provides fair market value assessment to ensure you get the best profit margins for your spare parts

Moreover, the World Economic Forum cuts through the competition to get you buyers of spare parts via strategic marketing solutions. 

  1. Aaron Equipment Company

Unlike Industbay where you connect directly with buyers, the Aaron Equipment Company platform takes on the role of the middle person. The problem is that you get to split the profit as a result, but the good news is that they can help you sell your spares quickly to its well-established networks. 

Some other highlights of using the platform to sell industrial parts online include: 

  • An excellent platform reputation that guarantees a hot sales magnet for sellers
  • The company can also choose to buy your spare parts directly from you, saving the trouble of having to do it yourself
  • Diversity of selling options which as well, encompassing auction, consignment programs, and listing, in addition to direct purchases by the platform

With upwards of 400,000 industry connections, Aaron Equipment Company makes for an interesting proposition worth your consideration. 

  1. Kempler Industries

This is one of the more experienced companies on our list. Founded in 1962, this online platform has expertise and a proven track record. It’s the place to go to sell industrial machines online as well as their industrial spare parts. 

A business passed down across a family hierarchy, Kempler Industries is a great place to turn spare parts into cash. You can look forward to the following features: 

  • A complimentary guide with important tips on negotiating a sale. This provides a handy resource to help you sell faster and more profitably
  • 4 different ways to sell your spare parts, including auction, consignment, brokerage, and negotiated sale 
  • Ability to sell directly to equipment dealers so you can don’t have to perform the legwork of sales 

Kempler Industries also offers financing options for its customers. This means that you get access to a market with high purchasing power. 

  1. Kono Kogs

Kono Kogs is not the most well-known online marketplace for heavy equipment companies in the UAE. However, it is every bit a solid option as far as putting up industrial machines for sale goes.  

You are almost certain to get a quick offer on your spare parts as soon as you list them, given its active connections with plants and other industrial players. The company is also in the business of buying spare parts directly from suppliers or individuals such as yourself. 

A couple of upsides to using Kono Kogs are: 

  • The business has been validated and accredited by the Better Business Bureau, making it a trustworthy go-to for many buyers not just in the UAE but from around the world
  • Specialization in thermal oxidizers making them ideal if you’d like to sell replacement parts along those lines
  • An established resume for success with over 25 years under its belt. It’s also worth noting that the platform accepts refurbished parts as well 

This company is trusted by millions around the world and is sure to help you get qualified leads for any spare part products you’re keen to sell.

  1. Vendaxo

Where can I sell industrial components fast and with ease? Vendaxo is a great place to start if you’re not sure how to sell machine parts online. With an international presence, you’ll find this platform has plenty of buying interest from both local and international markets.

Here’s what’s in it for you as a seller of machinery parts with Vendaxo: 

  • Lower marketing costs as the platform also shoulders some of the marketing efforts on your behalf
  • A super secure escrow process that allows you to get payment on your parts safely and with a lower turnaround time
  • Sellers enjoy value-added services such as valuations and logistics, to name a few 

Beyond just selling your machinery spare parts, you also stand to make extra income via the platform by providing other services to users such as performing technical due diligence. 


These are the top online platforms to sell industrial spare parts in the UAE. Any one of them would make for a solid option whether you’d like to sell the cheapest kitchen accessories or various construction machinery parts, among other items. They all boast immense buyer pools but if I’d recommend just one to use: I’d say go for Industbay. It comes out on top for its ability to connect you directly to buyers, putting you in the driving seat of the entire sales cycle. Visit the Industbay website to list your industrial spare parts for sale

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