Eco-Friendly Kitchen Equipment: A Guide to Sustainable Purchasing Choices

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Now more than ever, we need to come together and minimize our carbon footprint. The World Health Organization finds that 99% of the planet’s population breathes air with significant concentrations of contaminations. Another WHO report further ties air pollution alone to just shy of 12% of all fatalities worldwide, just showing how dire the situation has become. So it’s about time we changed our ways and today we start at the heart of any home or restaurant business: the kitchen. In this guide today, we’ll discuss eco-friendly kitchen machinery, climate-conscious kitchen equipment suppliers Dubai, and many other important factors as we fight to save the only planet we call home.

Prioritize reusable filters for coffee makes

If you’re running a coffee shop or restaurant, a large commercial coffee machine is a must-have. They make your work easier and can improve the productivity of servers, in addition to fulfilling customer needs quickly. 

But some machines use traditional paper as filters, typically disposed of after one use. Although small and seemingly inconsequential, coffee filters can accumulate really quickly and inflict a significant environmental impact. Some contain chemicals such as chlorine, while some filters can take up to 8 months to degrade completely. 

Therefore, you wanted to minimize the number of filters you use by prioritizing coffee machines that are compatible with reusable filters. 

Purchase an eco-friendly dishwasher

Eco-friendly dishwashers are not just great for the environment, they are also great for business as they can cut down your utility bills by a notable margin. But how do you tell apart a regular dishwasher from an eco-friendly one? One reliable metric is an EnergyGuide label.

Such appliances typically have some sort of energy star rating. These labels substantiate that the appliance uses a certain amount of water and power to qualify as good for the environment. Those thresholds typically stand at about 3.2 water gallons per cycle and 240kWh of electricity per annum. 

A few recommendations for eco-friendly dishwashers include: 

  • Meiko Dishwasher
  • Electrolux Hood Type Dishwasher – EHT 80, which you can find right here on the Industbay website
  • Whirlpool Front-Control Dishwasher

Of course, your choice of detergent will also impact the eco-friendliness of your dishwasher. So go for green-lighted products that are completely bio gradable and preferably produce zero waste. 

Get a freezer or refrigerator that toes the line

A commercial freezer is typically on around the clock. So right out of the gate, you need to prioritize an energy-efficient unit. Insulation quality might also have a huge role play in that. Remember, the less electricity your freezer or refrigerator uses, the better it is for the environment. 

Compressor and condenser placement can also be a direct indication of energy efficiency as well. When mounted at the top, airflow improves leading to even more energy efficiencies. 

When buying freezers or refrigerators, avoid extremely outdated designs – anything beyond 10 years is a concern- with legacy technologies. These simply don’t hold a candle to current designs that leverage modern efficiency technologies. 

Save the world by buying second hand 

Does buying second-hand help the environment? In many more ways than one. By doing so, you keep more kitchen machinery out of the dump, where they can break down into carbon emissions and harmful chemicals.  Moreover, natural resources that would have been needed to make the equipment from scratch are conserved as well. 

Other benefits of buying used kitchen machinery include: 

  • You can score great deals. Some of the cheapest kitchen accessories today fall in this category. In fact, you stand to save up to 50% of equipment costs
  • No packaging: New packaging for new equipment only adds to the environmental burden. Buying second-hand alleviates the need for more harmful plastic and other packaging materials
  • You can also dodge initial depreciation, which is typically highest during the first year or two of an equipment’s lifespan

It’s a win-win for the globe and your budget, so you have every reason to look past brand-new equipment every once in a blue moon. 

Go with an electric stove

Which is better to cook with, gas or electric? Gas certainly offers more responsive heat control but as far as the health of the environment is concerned, electric stoves are usually the better option for your kitchen, commercial or otherwise. 

As gas breaks down during the cooking process, it produces the following harmful compounds: 

  • Formaldehyde
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Nitrogen dioxide 

These serve to only worsen global warming and climate change, in addition to inflicting severe consequences on human health. 

Get your kitchen an electric stove such as the Dipo Induction Cooker available on Industbay. But that doesn’t mean that you should completely rule out gas stoves. Far from it. These still offer many advantages such as giving you greater control over the cooking process.

 If you have your heart set on a gas stove such as Industbay’s American Gas Cooker, be sure to implement safety measures such as an air purification system to lower your carbon footprint.  

Use an electrical dryer 

In the US, the FDA forbids towel drying of dishes and instead requires that they be air dried. Some restaurants rely on fossil fuels to achieve compliance, but the use of these sources of energy only disturbs the environment even further. That’s because it increases the amount of greenhouse gases, thus aggravating the greenhouse effect. 

For dish-drying purposes, you want to go with an electric dryer. These are not only eco-friendly but also offer much more efficiency for your workflow as they can hasten the dish-cleaning process. What’s more, most of them can pair with heat pumps and thus bring down the need for electricity even further. 

Eco-friendly is good for the planet- and your wallet

Besides helping to lower your carbon footprint and make your business a healthier place, you have plenty more reasons to prioritize eco-friendly kitchen purchases, be it for domestic or commercial purposes. With energy bills through the roof today, these types of kitchen machinery are highly desirable for their energy efficiency. They ensure lower maintenance or operational expenses for your home or business and thus increase your profit margins/savings. Are you ready to go green? Chat with sellers of eco-friendly restaurant kitchen equipment on Industbay here and now. 

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