The Future of Air Compressors: Innovative Technologies and Trends to Watch

Air Compressor Trends

Back in 2022, the global air compressor trends hit a mammoth financial standing of more than $33.6 billion. This growth has undoubtedly been fueled by the emergence of new technologies, which have improved air compressors and taken functionalities up a notch. In addition to changing technology, some notable trends have caught the eye, including the soaring preference for used machinery online and new applications, among others, which we will be taking a look at very shortly. Overall, the future of air compressors remains up in the air. Today, we map it out as we take a look at the direction this industrial mechanical equipment is headed. 

Technology: Variable-speed drives 

The traditional model of the air compressor hasn’t always been efficient if you really think about it. Old technologies involved running the motors at full speed up until you’ve attained the desired pressure of air, regardless of your air demands. This is highly unideal as the motor uses maximum energy irrespective of how much pressure you want in the output. 

In steps the improved variable speed air compressors. Simply put, this design factors in your workflow’s air demand and then regulates the motor speed to match this requirement. As a result, the variable-speed air compressor realizes the following benefits: 

  • Fewer energy utility costs 
  • Greater machine longevity 
  • Little to no system leaks

Another key thing to note about the variable speed air compressor is that, even under full system pressure, you can start or stop it thanks to lower motor starting currents. 

Trend: Second-hand air compressors 

Is it good to buy a used air compressor? Many people certainly seem to think so, kickstarting a new trend that has seen a surge in the purchase of used machinery online such as air compressors. This has led to the explosion of popularity of second-hand industrial machinery marketplaces such as Industbay and others. 

But why is there a growing interest in used air compressors? The first obvious reason is that this is a cost-effective way to do business. Many people who buy this equipment typically need them for short-term jobs hence prefer the affordability it offers. Additionally, with most compressors exceeding an average life span of 25 years, it makes sense why many workflows have no issues embracing used machinery in UAE. 

Another reason why this trend is catching on is the desire for companies to reduce their environmental footprint. This is in addition to wanting to avoid initial equipment depreciation, which is particularly high during a machine’s first few years of life. 

Technology: AI-fused air compressors

The blend of industrial equipment and artificial intelligence is nothing new. But when it comes to air compressors, it’s a rather novel concept and one that could help industrial workflows improve productivity and profitability. 

Machine learning technology is being experimented with to help create a new line of intuitive air compressors. These machines can learn from historical data and use it to make decisions with little to no human intervention. 

To put that into perspective, here are some ways AI is improving air compressor machines: 

  • Fault prediction: Intelligent AI systems can predict the chance of a failure thus preventing outages.
  • Load forecast: AI-driven air compressor management systems can manage output to meet expected demand.
  • Efficiency degradation: Machine learning algorithms have helped to pick up the early signs of compressor efficiency degradation to optimize servicing.

There’s a lot of potential to also put AI to work to improve various other aspects of air compressor management.

Trend: Use of air compressors in dental surgery

Did you know that air compressors are finding important applications in healthcare? You may be aware of the use of air compressor technology in construction and industrial work, but the technology is proving useful far beyond these fields. 

Headlining a new age of modern dentistry, air compressors are elevating the dental workflow in several ways. For instance, dentists are today tapping into the technology for teeth cleaning. This requires the use of special types of oil-free air compressors that can purify the air before use, which is not an ability that you can find with generic industrial equipment suppliers. 

Additionally, this special dental air compressor is proving useful for dental surgeries as well. In this case, it is leveraged when physicians are performing oral cavity filling or maintenance. 

Technology: Network control 

In many workflows, there’s a need to use several air compressors in coordination to achieve a certain goal for a project. This has led to the popularity of network control link technology, which interconnects several air compressors together. 

One compressor controls the rest, kind of like a hive mind scenario, providing commands for task delegation across this machine team. All these are made possible through the integration of IoT, artificial intelligence, and various other technologies as well. 

Overall, this network control feature leads to: 

  • Faster throughput
  • Increased revenue potential
  • Safer work environments due to fewer human interventions, etc.

Trend: Air compressor technology for sleep aids

Another unique trend that’s catching on concerning this industrial machinery, is the use of air compressor technology to create more comfortable and higher-quality sleeping aids such as mattresses. 

These mattresses come with a portable, quick-fill air compressor which is rechargeable to further ease mobility for outdoor use. They work pretty much the same way other air compressors do- they reduce air volume to increase its pressure- but typically feature a much smaller design and new features such as the ability to store electrical charge. 

Besides this use case, another worthy trend of air compressors is in agriculture, where the equipment helps to ease chore work around expansive fields.

Keep up with the trendsetters on Industbay!It’s an exciting time for air compressor technologies, with market reports indicating a healthy CAGR of 3.4% through to 2030. From AI to new applications, you now know just what the future holds for air compressors. If you are keen to stay ahead of the curve when you buy and sell industrial equipment online, subscribe to our blog so you’ll always ride the wave of the trend. Be ahead of the curve as well by shopping on our marketplace for the latest air compressors that will add not just modernity to your workflow but higher productivity as well. 

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