5 Innovative Ways to Market Your Kitchen Equipment to Potential Buyers

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On course to reach a market value of over $377 billion, the kitchen appliances market size certainly makes for lucrative reading. Still, it can be quite difficult to find the right buyers for your restaurant kitchen equipment. Some of the top challenges you may have encountered are generating enough interest for your products, getting a fair price on sales, and even getting enquires over the line, with enquires sometimes leading to dead ends. So how do you market a kitchen product to land great buyers and awesome profits? Sit tight as we dissect this million-dollar question. Here are five innovative ways to jump-start your strategy.  

Use Google paid search ad services

If you want to sell your kitchen equipment fast, then selling online is the way to go. But the competition in the digital space can be stiff, meaning your offer is most like to get drowned out in the crowd. 

But you can skip ahead of the line with the power of paid search advertising. Compared to organic site visitors, paid search ad leads amass 1.5x more purchase intent. It’s especially useful for channeling traffic to a landing page where you can put up the variety of products you’d like to sell.

A few tips to get you going include: 

  • Bid on powerful and highly attractive keywords such as the “cheapest kitchen accessories”
  • Hop on branded keywords, which ensures you attract buyers with the highest purchase intent 
  • Showcase the equipment with high-quality video and imagery

The downside with search ads is that there are a lot of moving parts involved so you may need to work with a marketing agency which can be costly.

Network with your local community 

Paid search ad services are great. But they can be just too darn expensive and require a lot of effort and SEO expertise. And that’s where the appeal of gold old sales networking saves the day. 

One great place to start is LinkedIn. The great thing about this platform is that you can filter your searches according to location, job titles, and other advanced details. 

Create a professional profile therein and connect with CEOs and other top decision-makers at restaurants, hotels, and eateries in your area. If they have any special events coming up, be sure to attend those meet-and-greets. Follow these personalities on social media as well and interact with their posts to break the ice.

I strongly advise that you shouldn’t mention that you’re selling restaurant kitchen equipment on your very first interaction otherwise you’ll come off as sales. Focus just on getting familiar and building relationships, before going in for the kill. 

Leverage the established networks of an industrial marketplace

Marketplaces, where you can put up kitchen machinery for sale, are in plenty. eBay and Craigslist are just a few that come to mind, in a digital space where are hundreds – or even thousands- more alternatives. 

But these marketplaces bring together leads who don’t necessarily have a specific interest in buying kitchen equipment. This means that even with a large market base or throughput, buyer intent for this particular category of items might not be that high. 

Hence, you want to consider an online marketplace that specializes in that niche. One such example is Industbay, which connects buyers and kitchen equipment suppliers Dubai online. The platform can handle connecting you to buyers, which is often the hardest first step toward getting your sales cycle going. 

Other benefits include: 

  • You can tap into a pool of ready buyers with strong purchase intent 
  • Buyers on IndustBay are vetted and verified so you can transact safely with each other
  • Lower turnaround time so you can get your kitchen machinery sold in no time at all 

Create a seller account at Industbay and kick back as the magic of a proven sales funnel does all the heavy lifting for you. 

Connect directly with equipment dealers

For most people who want to get just one or two pieces of kitchen machinery off their hands, the strategy usually involves a buyer-centric approach. If you’ve tried that and it’s not working for you, it’s time to think bigger.

There are many industrial equipment dealers looking to buy kitchen equipment so they can refurbish them to resale to their client base. Connecting directly with these providers is a faster and hassle-free way to go about this business.

A couple of top dealers that you should check out include: 

  • Kempler Industries 
  • Aaron Equipment Company 
  • Vermeer Heavy Equipment

Feel free to explore even more options by looking up dealers in your town or locality. The point is to not look past big retailers and suppliers as well

Put up your kitchen equipment for the auction 

Industrial auctions are also a great place to get your kitchen machinery in front of many eyeballs without necessarily having to break the bank. Although, it must be said that some auction platforms might levy a listing fee. 

With these platforms, you can enjoy a broader audience, more so with online auctions that aren’t confined by geographical limits. Still, onsite auctions can be beneficial so don’t rule them out either just yet. 

Beyond formal auctions, you can also list your kitchen equipment on social media marketplaces too. For example, the Facebook marketplace is a great place to auction your products. It attracts more than 2.9 billion users every month, so it’s a solid option for garnering attention for your restaurant kitchen equipment. 

Market Smarter. Sell effortlessly 

That does it for our look at five creative ways to market your kitchen equipment to potential buyers. Some of these strategies are not what you’d call a walk in the park. You may need to invest quite a bit of time and money. However, when you turn to a proven online industrial marketplace such as Industbay, you can save yourself a whole lot of both. What restaurant kitchen equipment are you keen to get off your hands? Let us help you reach customers and get the highest possible profit margins for your machinery. Sign up for an account now or reach out to our team today. 

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