Selling Industrial Machines at Industbay: A Complete Guide for Sellers

Selling Industrial Machine

Welcome to Industbay, your trusted online industrial marketplace that’s here to ensure you sell your used/new industrial machines. Our platform connects you with ready buyers, helping you to get the best deals and make the highest profit on your sales. If you’re new to Industbay, welcome aboard and we’re glad to have you! To help you feel right at home and hit the ground running, we’re going to outline the super simple process of registering as a seller, all the way through to closing the deal and making money on your first sale.  Are you ready to sell machinery online with the leading marketplace or industrial machinery? Great! Let’s get you started!

Step 1: Registration

Industbay is all about connecting you with buyers to whom you can sell industrial equipment online directly. Before you can access our large network of buyers, you’ll need to first complete a very simple registration process. 

Here are the exact steps to follow: 

  • Head onto our homepage
  • Click on the “REGISTER” option at the top-right-hand corner of your screen (You may choose to sign up with your Google account as well)
  • Enter your email address and create your password. W@HR=b6LFy]u)&)
  • Read and Accept our terms of use
  • Click Continue and fill in your details (i.e. name, country, phone number, WhatsApp phone number, city, and interest or the category of machines you’d like to sell.)

Feel free to include as many interests or categories as possible, in accordance with the types of equipment you’d like to sell on Industbay. Now all that’s left to do is to check your email and click on the verification link to verify your email account. If you don’t see this email in your inbox, be sure to check the spam folder as well. 

Step 2: Create Your Profile

So far so good! You’re almost ready to sell machines online at Industbay. Now all you need to do is fill out your profile. The WhatsApp number you provide is essential as we’ll be linking you directly with buyers on Industbay, so you can easily connect and personally communicate with buyers on this popular social media channel. 

Ensure you fill out all the required fields correctly. In the name section, you may choose to use your personal name or the name of the company should you wish. Feel free to include a custom profile picture if you desire, which we strongly advise that you do because it makes your seller persona more relatable, human, and approachable. It’s also a great way to ensure you are memorable and stand out from the competition. 

Step 3: List your industrial equipment

The great thing about Industbay is that it allows you to sell your used/new machines as you please. Our platform categorizes machines into various categories depending on their model and their functionality. 

To sell machine at marketplace, you’ll need to create a listing for that machine first. You can create multiple listings so that you can sell several machines simultaneously. 

Your listing will have details as follows: 

  • Name of the machine (Be as detailed as possible)
  • Unit
  • Description
  • Price (You can choose to set the price to ask upon inquiry)
  • Condition (whether it’s new or used)

A word of advice, be sure to use high-quality imagery as this can help you make a sale. Take images in good lighting and give your buyer a 360-degree view of the machine by shooting pictures from multiple angles.

The other thing you should also pay great attention to is your description, which can make or break a sale depending on how well you craft it. To do this, include important features of the machine as well as well how these features will benefit your potential buyer. Some common aspects you should also include in your machine description include, the exact model number, voltage level, power output, duty cycle, and whether the machine is suitable for light- or heavy-duty tasks, among other details. 

Step 4: Respond to buyer inquiries directly

Industbay is all about connecting you directly with buyers. We work to ensure no barriers to the sale procedure via a one-on-one process where you can interact directly with people interested in buying your used/new industrial equipment. 

Buyers will send an inquiry about your machine to you via the Industbay platform, or they can choose to contact you via the WhatsApp number that you provided. It’s important that you respond to these inquiries quickly before they move on to a more responsive seller. 

It’s up to you to discuss the arrangements or details for that listing that the buyer is interested in. You are free to negotiate a price to your liking, among other information that could be of interest to your buyer. 

Step 5: Close the deal

It’s crucial that you be completely honest with your buyer about the condition of the machine, and accurately address any other concerns that they have. This will help you to secure repeat business from them the next time they need industrial machines or know someone who does. Honesty is the best policy!

There’s nothing else left to do than to finalize the sale. Once you’ve agreed upon everything and the buyer is satisfied with the condition of the equipment, all that’s left is to receive your payment, which can occur via the Industbay platform through a payment method of your preference. 

Once you finalize the deal on a particular listing, you’ll need to declare the item unavailable or take down the listing so that you don’t get inquiries to sell machinery online that you’ve already sold.  

It’s super easy- and highly profitable- with Industbay!

Have you seen how easy and simple it is to sell your used/new machines on Industbay? Within a matter of seconds, you can create your first listing on Industbay and generate interest for that machine that you no longer need. So don’t let idle industrial equipment waste away gathering dust and eating up your floor space unnecessarily. Liquidate that asset and turn it into cash to upgrade your workflow or your life. Sell faster. Sell easier. Sell better with Industbay. Sign up today and sell industrial equipment online!

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